The Healthy Option
Take the stress out of meal prep with our delicious, ready to eat dishes

How it Works

Meal prepping can be difficult, messy, and very time consuming. Let us handle it for you! Simply pick a plan, and choose from our large selection of dietician curated meals that will satisfy your cravings and help you stay healthy. All of our meals are completely free of gluten, hormones, antibiotics, and refined sugars.

Don’t stress! Cancel, skip, or modify your order at anytime!

A plate for every palette

We offer a variety of selections to appease all appetites. Enjoy the stuff you know and love with our classic dishes, or take your taste buds on a trip and try a new flavor, all without the extra calories.

Catering Made Healthy!
We offer catering for large gatherings. Keep your employees productive and healthy by choosing Yoshi's Kitchen to cater your next business event!