About Us

Hey, I’m Yousuf! I’m an entrepreneur, student, founder of Yoshi’s Kitchen and former fat kid. After transforming my life and body through diet and exercise, I'm now dedicated to providing you with the fuel your body needs to perform at its maximum potential.

For most of my childhood I struggled with my weight and eating habits. If there was food in front of me, I'd eat it without hesitation. When I turned 13, I found that I had fallen down a hole and the person I wanted to be was looking down on me from above, shaking his head. Everyone around me told me that a strict diet was the only way to shed those extra pounds, but I knew changing my eating habits would be a challenge considering the fact that I just love good food. 

Despite my burning desire for a healthier body, I couldn’t stand eating the same boring, bland food over and over again, as my cravings would constantly overwhelm me. The only way I could make this work was to enjoy the food I was eating. So I started looking up recipes and healthy alternatives to make the food I love, while also sticking to my diet. I experimented with low calorie replacements for some of the ingredients and tweaked the recipes until I had a dish that satisfied both my diet and my taste buds. After that, it didn’t even feel like I was on a diet! I shed the weight and kept it off, and now I shake my head from above at the fat kid who had fallen down the hole.

As I got older and my responsibilities grew, I stopped having free time to cook the meals that got me to where I was. I tried many different meal prep brands, but none of them satisfied my standards of a good, home cooked meal. I found myself critiquing everything from the food itself--which was often bland and unsatisfying, to the delivery methods--which were frustratingly inefficient. I wanted something simple that met my health goals, but no matter where I looked I couldn’t find what I needed. I thought back to the fat kid I used to be, and where everyone like me would be with a service that I was looking for. That’s when I knew I owed it to myself to start this kitchen, and give people who are just like me what they need.